Someone, Pay Attention To Education

Education Needs A Facelift

Education is probably the most important issue but it’s the least considered. The Department of Education is useless – they pass unfunded mandates and require programs that are none of their business. All this while they do not improve reading and math scores.

NY is the highest taxed state and NY tests the students to death – but it doesn’t translate into good education. In NYC, according to the NY Times, the New York State Education Department released new data on Tuesday showing that only 37 percent of students who entered high school in 2006 left four years later adequately prepared for college, with even smaller percentages of minority graduates and those in the largest cities meeting that standard…in NYC, 21 percent of the students who started high school in 2006 graduated last year with high enough scores on state math and English tests to be deemed ready for higher education or well-paying careers. In Rochester, it was 6 percent; in Yonkers, 14.5 percent.

Take a look at this racial divide: 13 percent of black students and 15 percent of Hispanic students statewide were deemed college-ready after four years of high school, compared with 51 percent of white graduates and 56 percent of Asian-Americans. Read here: NY Times

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