Something Stinks in DC! Obama Administration Might Demote Petraeus


Update: 01/30/16: They won’t General Petraeus will not be demoted. Ash Carter wrote a letter requesting he not be demoted. The former CIA Director caught a break because they are going to let Hillary Clinton off with more egregious violations.


For doing one small fraction of what Hillary has done and after a decision was rendered on his good faith plea agreement, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter is considering demoting Gen. David Petraeus, the hero of the surge in Iraq.

Petraeus gave his mistress and biographer classified information to  use for research for a book while he was in uniform.

This comes via The Daily Beast.

Why are they so intent on destroying Petraeus?

Carter is allegedly “willing” to overrule a prior recommendation to not reduce his rank. Carter and the rest of the Obama administration want obedient generals.

It will cost Petraeus a great deal of money and his reputation after sacrificing so much for this country while Hillary, who got four men killed and ruined Libya, gets to run for president.

Is the administration trying to silence Petraeus who must know a lot about the sins of this administration. Is he being punished for closed door testimony before Congress this month? Trey Gowdy thought it was constructive and will speak with him again. Petraeus apparently gave the committee information about assets available to save the men in Benghazi and said again that he knew immediately it was an al Qaeda attack, not a video protest.

Hillary appeared to have lied about the video and about the assets.

The Benghazi committee found out that the CIA is withholding information. It is not known if they learned that from Petraeus but he ran the CIA for a year.


“The secretary is considering going in a different direction” from the Army, a defense official told The Daily Beast, because he wants to be consistent in his treatment of senior officers who engage in misconduct and to send a message that even men of Petraeus’s fame and esteemed reputation are not immune to punishment.

Carter could punish him in addition to taking his fourth star or he could not punish him further.


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6 years ago

If the action by the governmment can be considered punitive, then the General’s attorney’s might forstall the action by asserting a double jeopardy arguement. There is a line of case where punitve civil penalties have been judged to be double jeapardy after a criminal conviction. Just a thought. Hope they look into it.