Sondland agrees ‘No one on this planet told him Trump was tying aid to investigations’


The President never told Sondland aid was tied to investigations according to Sondland. Rudy Giuliani never said aid was tied to investigations and Sondland agreed to that. No one told the confused Ambassador Gordon Sondland that aid was tied to investigations.

Therefore, everyone was not in the loop as the circular reasoning that Sondland claimed. Rep. Mike Turner was able to get this out of Gordon Sondland.

Adam Schiff gave a press conference during the break and claimed Sondland gave him the evidence to impeach the President. That is what the corrupt media is reporting. I get information off the wire and from other news sites and that is what they are claiming.

A typical report: The Empire Report has a summary titled “Sondland Shellshock.” They quote Reuters, “Sondland, I worked with Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani on Ukraine issues on ‘the President’s orders.'” They add, “Sondland said in prepared remarks to the investigation that Giuliani’s efforts to push Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for investigations into Trump’s political rivals ‘were a quid pro quo for arranging a White House visit’ for the Ukrainian leader.”

Well, none of that appears to be true unless you consider Sondland’s presumptions to be fact.

The representative said to Sondland, Kurt Volker testified this tying of aid to investigations never happened, and Giuliani never said they were tied.

Sondland then told Rep. Turner that he never said Giuliani told him aid was tied to investigations. Sondland said he was presuming Donald Trump was tying aid to investigations.

The representative clarified the confusing testimony of Sondland with his last question. He asked, “No one on this planet told you Donald Trump was tying aid to investigations, yes or no?” He had to say it more than once. Sondland agreed he has no evidence and said he only has his own presumptions. In other words, he made it up in his own mind.

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