Sonya Sotomayor Encourages Protesters/Rioters to Continue On



The Washington Post reports that Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor was interviewed by Bill Press at the Hill Center on Capitol Hill and he asked her if she was “apprehensive” about Trump’s election to the presidency.

Sotomayor answered by encouraging the Communist and Socialist protesters/rioters.

“I will answer it in a different way, which is I think that this is the time where every good person has an obligation both to continue being heard and to continue doing the right thing,” Sotomayor responded. “We can’t afford for a president to fail. And it is true … that we have to support that which he does which is right and help guide him to those right decisions.

“But we can’t afford to despair, and we can’t afford to give up our pursuing of values that we and others have fought so hard to achieve,” Sotomayor continued. “And so for me, this is a challenge. So I’m going to continue doing what I think is the right thing. That’s the challenge we all have to face.”

Sotomayor suggested the anarchists continue tearing through our streets and creating havoc. She is a partisan who legislates from the bench.

Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor is a former member of La Raza and it doesn’t get much more radical than that.

This is what she is encouraging.

Obama-Clinton Silent as Throngs of Marxists-Leninists March in 17 Cities



  1. She should voluntarily step down from the Supreme Court , She has lost the ability to be effective and respected !!!!!! They still work for the American people!!!!!!!

  2. She should never have been elevated in the first place — what happened to the vetting process? And now we are so stupid we are stuck with this crap for a lifetime — her’s, not even our’s.

  3. I just read your autobiography and was very impressed with all you have accomplished. Today I read your remarks and feel very differently. Adding to judge Ginsberg remarks ,I see that the court is no longer a court to be respected,it is a court with prejudice . Another arrow in the core of America. I am afraid of you.

  4. These people are in for rude surprise when true American patriots heed their advice and “do what’s right”. I guess American tyrants think they’re exempt from history repeating itself.

    • Sooo Ready to Take this Country back … Step Down Sotomayor .”Supreme” I think not Ginsberg and This Anti American Liberal Traitor are why We are in the condition We are In .Does anyone Uphold The Constitutional Rule Entrenched in OUR LAWS ? NO .They disregard Black and White Rules of Law. For their PC.BS feelings .Its on the books Deport Anyone caught aiding an illegal is jailed Businesses fined…You know like they did to bakers and caterer’s .OUTRAGEOUS!!
      One Justice is a senile old fool who dribbles,and sleeps on the bench . and the other is a Raging Anti American- challeging Our Election Process…Do We ever need to Recall biased unethical Judges and Drain The Swam…
      Thousands of GREEN CARDS GO MISSING !!!
      Just weeks before Obama And His muslim Administration Gets kicked to the shitstained CURB …
      We Can take this complete breech to Our Nation’s Security ,as another example ,of these complete F[edit]k Ups. That are Never Ever held accountable for any of their terrible deeds .And outrageous disregard for protocol and absolutely entrenched Security Procedures ….We want These disgusting People charged for Once .!!!
      Freaking Gun running , losing billions, IRS targeting , And illegally Importing unvetted. Undisclosed numbers of America’s Enemies Across the Nation .
      We want every single “card” accounted for .I would not put it past These muslim, Racist, Anti American Trash to pass them directly to ISIS , Hamas, and/ or Taliban affiliated terrorist cells… , These assholes need to be arrested and Charged ..
      .So many Counts of Treason and dereliction of Duty
      .Failure to Secure,
      Gross Negligence. ect.
      that Gitmo will be rotting in Rust. and We will still see Valarie Jarrett washing stinky muslim turbans in a tin bucket with
      ______ _________.
      ( enter Traitors name here ).

      Seriously, We must follow thru On. (how freaking many )1000’s and thousands of missing Green Cards– Certainly lets Terrorists pose easily,
      as Vetted accepted legal immigrants .
      Not so Fast there Dickheads!!.GRRRRR!p

  5. These people are in for a rude surprise when true American patriots heed their advice and “do what’s right”. I guess American tyrants think they’re exempt from history repeating itself.

    • The title of the WaPo article is: Sotomayor: Country can’t afford for president to fail, but people must continue to be heard

      Her answer to apprehension over Trump.
      “this is the time where every good person has an obligation both to continue being heard and to continue doing the right thing…But we can’t afford to despair, and we can’t afford to give up our pursuing of values that we and others have fought so hard to achieve”

      Like Obama, she didn’t condemn the rioting which the media insists on calling ‘protests’. Radicals don’t come out and say, keep on rioting kids! The days of making us think we are conspiracy mongers are over. Radicals have been outed.

  6. Why are you bringing the hate, she is telling them to do the right thing. I didn’t see where she encouraged rioting. I am not thrilled that Trump has been elected, but I am not going to act like an idiot about it! It is what it is! The people want change! They just may not like the change that they get. They had the chance of their voicing what they wanted. The rest of you who did not vote as the rest of use have to live with what happens over the next four years!

    • This sort of thing is what they do in Mexican politics, not in the USA. Supreme Court judges have no business making statements like that because she is advocating anarchy. In the USA we protest our politicians by voting, not rioting and trying to burn down the town.
      Most of the people doing the rioting and protesting did not bother to vote if they could and many of them couldn’t because they are foreigners here without permission. Sotomayor was a high official in LaRaza, a Mexican financed foreign organization dedicated to the notion that foreign Latinos have some right to be here but no obligation to follow American laws.
      No SCOTUS judge has EVER made statements advocating violence and unrest and this one was foolish to try to start that now.

  7. she needs to be arrested and removed. A judge is not above the law. She is guilty of the damage they do if they think she will back them up to do damage.

  8. She is no different then a traitor tor our Democracy she speaks of one tjing whole deep inside she tells her sinister to undermine the oath of office and conspires for revolting against law and order by injecting the false right for criminal protesting and causing criminal ACTIVIES and destroying and hurting the law abiding citizens and their livelihood and their lives.

  9. Now there’s that liberal logic leadership we have been living with over the years. What a ‘shameful, disgraceful, unpatriotic’ display by a Supreme Court Justice. It is actions such as this, that have some believing their sessions should be televised publicly for free.

  10. For a sitting Judge to incite more rioting, destruction of property and the taking of lives, shows that she can no longer do her job. The job must be dealt with impartiality, which she is no longer capable of doing that. For her to tell people to break the law she should be removed from the bench immediately. Impeach her if that’s what it takes. She’s a Disgrace To The US and to the Supreme Court!

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  12. She is the most unbelievable anti-american I’ve ever seen…SC justices have never encouraged rioting (demonstrations end up being this) or chaos until she came along. “guide him to those right decisions” ….What? That is too funny.

  13. She should be tried for treason.Swift justice of execution say a bullet to the head.Long dirt nap.. All televised by all of the lame stream media

  14. Any Supreme Court Judge can be removed from the court for violating their position. She speaks to a certain group of people, if the words here were transcribed exactly as spoken. Encouraging violent protests using freedom of speech is just not right.

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