Soon-to-be Former Senator Jeff Flake Is Moving on to a Job Made for Him


Fake conservative Jeff Flake has found the perfect job and he’s in high demand for it. Two companies are fighting over him. Can you guess where he’s going?

The failed Senator from Arizona has frequently called for the impeachment of Donald Trump. While the open borders/climate extremist Republican is more favored by Democrats than Republicans in his state, they don’t like him much either.

More than twice as many Democrats (35 percent) than Republicans (16 percent) rate Flake favorably.

Fake Flake said Trump is an “inspiration for dictators” and compared him to Stalin in one of his many assaults. There are a lot of Trump supporters in Arizona. His forced retirement has led him to look for the perfect job and he has found it.

The Daily Beast reports: “On Monday, he met with MSNBC President Phil Griffin; and on Tuesday, he met with rival network CNN’s chief Jeff Zucker. Flake was absent Monday for a series of Senate votes that took place around 5:30 p.m. Neither network responded to requests for comment on those meetings.”

He undoubtedly wants to remain a thorn in President Trump’s side or in any conservative’s side for that matter. Flake can’t really get away with calling himself a conservative any longer and the President is leading like a conservative.

He must go to the fake news media. It’s where he belongs. He can be one more fake conservative on the fake leftist’s network. What a joke those networks are for hiring this guy as a conservative.

Open borders Flake doesn’t like Trump supporters either.

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