Sore Loser Evan McMullin Is Likely the Washington Post Leaker


The Washington Post published a leaked tape recording of a GOP leadership meeting last year in which Kevin McCarthy joked that he thinks Putin pays Trump.

Some in the media are saying McCarthy wasn’t joking to add even more absurdity to the Russia story.

What McCarthy should say is, ‘but that’s not nearly as much as he paid Hillary.’ That’s a joke.

The prevailing opinion is that Evan McMullin is the one who leaked it. He was at the meeting and is the most suspect for obvious reasons.

As a NeverTrumper and failed presidential candidate, Evan McMullin participated in the June 15 conversation and confirmed it to the Washington Post this week.

The Post told the Republican leadership he wasn’t the leaker, but the Republicans are now very concerned that he has been taping all the confidential leadership meetings.

McMullin is likely the one. He thinks it’s great that we have a Deep State running the country.

Never Trumper Bill Kristol was behind Evan McMullin’s candidacy.

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