Soros Disciple in Philly Fires a Third of the Staff 4th Day on Job


George Soros’s pawn in Philadelphia, the new District Attorney Larry Krasner, just fired one-third of the staff, 31 attorneys, including trial attorneys, lawyers of all ranks, some with supervisory-level experience of many years, ten percent of the prosecutors.

The race he won was the most expensive DA race in the country and George Soros is the reason so much was spent. That’s also the reason he is taking the office in a new direction — it will be a culture change.

Soros might as well have gone into the office and fired them.

Soros’s socialist network via Democracy Alliance targeted the Philadelphia DA race. He poured $2 million into the race to get hard-left activist, Larry Krasner, elected. As a lawyer, Krasner has represented the most extreme groups like the Occupiers and Black Lives Matter. He has sued the police over 75 times. He’s very far-left.

During his campaign, Krasner pledged to reduce the number of people behind bars, never use the death penalty, and seek to end use of cash bail.

One attorney had met with the victims’ family in a homicide for a Monday trial and he was fired Friday.

Law enforcement hates this guy and for good reason.

Terminated employees were told on Friday to come into the office ASAP. They were met by office detectives and escorted as they were told their fate, many without explanation, and cleaned out their desks. Several left in tears.

Welcome to the world of the humanitarian Progressive who wants to free criminals but cares nothing for the people who want to put them behind bars.

The Soros Democracy Alliance organizers and operatives have been focusing on DA races because they believe “…electing ultra-progressive prosecutors in cities across the country is of high importance to the deep-pocketed donors as part of their “resistance” efforts and 2018 strategy.

The deep-pocketed leftists are scheming to take over district attorneys offices to control the U.S. justice system and law enforcement.

They have spent enormous sums on DA races in all key battleground states. DAs have tremendous power these days to control, to some degree, races, police forces, the entire legal system.

It’s key to turning the country into a Soros Socialist nightmare. It’s not only the justice system they are after. They want a permanent Progressive majority by turning battleground states blue as they have in Virginia.

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