Soros-Funded Group Wants to Replace U.S. Passports With North American Ones


The North American Union (NAU) is a theoretical economic and political union of Canada, Mexico, and the United States. Barack Obama is a strong proponent.

Globalists want a North American Union to make more money and to control the masses. The union they want would slowly replace our current union. A North American passport would replace the United States passport and it would include the citizens of Canada and Mexico.

It will allow people to travel freely back-and-forth across Canada, the United States and Mexico as if there were no borders, but they claim it won’t erase borders. Foreigners will be able to live and work anywhere in the United States, but they claim it won’t destroy our sovereignty.

It’s a socialist EU idea that has caused the EU a great deal of trouble but that is for another article.

The idea is being sold via a leftist group called The New America Foundation. It’s funded in part by socialist George Soros. They have a website called ‘A New America’.

Borders and sovereignty get in the way of  ‘trade, immigration, diplomacy, and innovation’ in their view.

If they are successful, the United States would have open borders and no real diplomatic power as a sovereign nation – we wouldn’t be free of Canada’s and Mexico’s politics in any situation.

ann marie slaughter

New America has been running podcasts on this anti-American concept. I took two clips from one. In it, you can hear Andres Martinez and Daniel Kurtz-Phelan being interviewed by Anne Marie Slaughter, President of the North American Union (pictured above). At the end, I make a few observations.


The group has an audience through CNN which runs New America’s “big idea” on the “Big Idea Series”. CNN is a leftist news network. As an aside, they also like to give time to Islamic terrorists for their propagandizing.

New America contends that our “economies and education, manufacturing, and research are so interwoven” anyway that we might as well cede the rest though they put it in more euphemistic terms.

They say they want to strengthen our ties but they will do it by destroying our sovereignty.

New America attempts to convince people of its benefits in reducing illegal immigration. They illogically contend that letting people travel freely back-and-forth will alleviate the problem when in fact it will eliminate illegality in immigration. We are seeing the results of that approach right now since Barack Obama opened our borders.

If we do form a North American Union, we must say goodbye to George Washington, sovereignty, borders and give a big welcome to globalists, socialists, communists, all the people who will take advantage of the masses, and Robert Pastor, the father of the North American Union.

We would no longer be the United States and George Washington would no longer stand for who we are as a nation. Robert Pastor might.

We often hear Barack Obama tell us who we are as a nation even though he espouses beliefs we do not necessarily subscribe to as a nation. He is fundamentally transforming us and has told us he is doing so.

What he and his other globalist friends are saying really is this is who we WILL BE as a nation once they have succeeded in embalming the American mind with their leftist thought.

Robert Pastor (photo below), the daddy of it all, is the man who gave away the Panama Canal.


His 1977 report, “The Southern Connection: Recommendations for a New Approach to Inter-American Relations,” argued that the U.S. should support “ideological pluralism,” a code word for the revolutionary socialist forces taking hold in Latin America, including the communist Sandanistas and other revolutionary terrorist groups that were developing in countries such as El Salvador.

Pastor worked with the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) which, author and former communist, David Horowitz describes as “America’s oldest leftwing think tank” that “has long supported Communist and Anti-American causes around the world.” It has been a place for KGB agents from the Soviet embassy in Washington “to convene and strategize.”

Dr. Pastor co-authored a 1989 book with his friend, Jorge G. Castañeda, who began his career as a member of the Mexican Communist Party. Castañeda is an admirer and biographer of communist murderer Ché Guevara. Castañeda is also a fierce supporter of illegal immigration.

Pastor sees the United States as a North American bully. In 2003, he wrote an article for the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) titled “North America’s Second Decade” claiming the U.S. would benefit from giving up national sovereignty.

“Countries are benefited,” he wrote, “when they changed these [national sovereignty] policies, and evidence suggests that North Americans are ready for a new relationship that renders this old definition of sovereignty obsolete.”

Dr. Robert Pastor was able to infuse these leftist ideals into our society through writing, in his role as a university professor and as a government official. He supported the left-wing John Kerry for president in 2004 and, had he won, he would have been able to further his ideas as he is with Barack Obama.

I get a kick out of the leftists saying anyone who thinks they are trying to replace U.S. passports, borders and sovereignty is a conspiracy theorist. It’s hardly a theory when they’re actually doing it.

The United States is losing its core. Our pillars of society are infiltrated by leftist thought. If those who love liberty don’t stand up, there will be nothing to stand up for.

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