Soros Is Running the Campaign to Block Trump From Firing Mueller


The Soros-funded is planning more than 800 protests around the nation if President Trump tries to fire dirty cop Robert Mueller — no matter what Mueller does. And no matter what Soros does during this coup attempt, no one investigates him.

“We won’t allow it,” the group wrote on the new website, ‘Trump is not above the law.”

Having gone undercover to MoveOn groups, I can say unequivocally that the one I went to on Long Island is a group of greedy Communists who don’t even bother to order anything as they take up space in a diner…and they don’t tip. They are ideologically driven as they plot how to make money for themselves. This is the mentality of the people Soros funds.

One must ask in all this, is Soros more powerful than the President? It would seem so. When will he be investigated for trying to take down the Republic?

He appears to be the most powerful man in America right now.

It’s a Coup

We are watching a coup by globalists, Communists, Marxists and other leftists.

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