Soros Media Call Israeli Prime Minister’s Son an Anti-Semite


Another Soros-driven media scandal is putting Netanyahu’s son in the crosshairs for retweeting a cartoon critical of his family’s enemies. People are actually calling the Prime Minister’s son Yair an anti-Semite.

The Israeli and American Jewish left have been on a witch hunt against the Prime Minister and his wife for years.

Yair Netanyahu

This is as the media all jumps to protect the suddenly Jewish George Soros who is actually an atheist.

Soros escapes media scrutiny for indirectly funding riots in Ferguson and vile attacks on the right from Media Matters. He will now escape any criticism for potential influence in this “scandal”.

Even The Washington Times wrote: “Mr. Soros, 87, is Jewish and survived the Holocaust as a child. He made billions as an investor and business magnate in adulthood and donates heavily to liberal organizations and activists in the U.S. and abroad. He’s frequently targeted by far-right commentators and conspiracy theorists alike on account of his involvement in left-wing groups around the globe…”

Notice how they called Soros a “liberal” who gives to “liberal” causes and who is targeted by the “far-right”. The author Andrew Blake forgot to mention that Soros is far-left and gives to violent Marxist organizations like Black Lives Matter. Blake did however suggest that anyone who targets Soros is “far-right”; But he’s just a “liberal”?

Soros is a leftist with his claws into at least 30 newspapers and other media outlets. One of them is the Associated Press which drummed up this “scandal”. Soros has influence over The Washington Post which is also all over this.

Yair’s “anti-Semitic crime” was to retweet a cartoon critical of the leftists trying to put his mother in jail.

Captioned “food chain,” the cartoon shows the aging leftist George Soros dangling a fishing rod of money in front of an Illuminati. The figures are three leftists who are out to get Netanyahu and his wife — Eldad Yaniv and Meni Naftali, a former chief caretaker at the Netanyahus’ official residence who implicated Sara Netanyahu in the case she is being indicted in.

The leftists are deliberately making it into anti-Semitism when it’s clearly anti-Soros and his leftist buddies.

Other major outlets are following along.

Barak himself is using this to his advantage and not one newspaper pointed out the political intent: “Is this what the boy hears at home? Is it genetics or his very own mental illness? No matter, at any rate, we should pay for his mental therapist and not his security detail and personal driver,” Mr. Barak tweeted in Hebrew, the Post reported.

“Every Jew should feel revulsion and shame this cartoon,” opposition leader Isaac Herzog added, according to the newspaper. “Delete it, apologize, speak out against it.”

This very overblown for political purposes and not one media outlet is mentioning that.

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