Soros Miraculously Sold Tech Stocks Just In Time


George Soros did NOT lose more than 17 million dollars because he miraculously dumped massive shares of Facebook, Netflix and Goldman Sachs just before the big crash started happening. Soros always wins.

He sold when it was high and he made his usual killing. Doesn’t it sound like insider trading? The hardcore leftist has the Midas touch.

In the past several months, tech stocks have lost about a trillion dollars in value, and many brilliant investors have lost their fortune.

It is never George Soros losing the big bucks.

According to the most recent filing with the SEC, Soros Fund Management was able to dump shares in Facebook and Netflix just in time.

Soros Fund Management, which Soros founded and chairs, exited social-network giant Facebook (FB) completely in the third quarter, while also slashing positions in Netflix stock (NFLX) and Goldman Sachs Group stock (GS). Those three stocks have tumbled in the fourth quarter so far, with Facebook and Goldman setting new lows Tuesday. Netflix has tumbled almost 29% since the end of September.

Barron’s says Soros would have lost over $17 million in the fourth quarter had he not sold when he did.

Top executives at the major tech companies didn’t know and lost tens of millions of dollars.

The media isn’t helping. They want the economy to go bad and stocks to crash so they demonize successful companies. Facebook is said to be no good because they allegedly helped Russians and allow fake news (conservatives). Amazon’s no good because they worked out a tax deal in New York. Apple’s sales forecasts are below expected [although they are booming]. Netflix is in competition for streaming now.
Is Soros a genius, lucky, or has he found a way to control some of this? We know he has broken banks.
Will we ever know how he does it?

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