Soros Official Moves to Rockefeller Fund to Push for Automatic Voting


Soros-Obama official Julie Fernandes has moved to a Rockefeller entity that pushes for automatic voter registration as we see in California, the Free Beacon reports.

George Soros and Barack Obama have openly undermined our voter laws and continue to do so. This is simply one more tactic to corrupt the vote.

Free Beacon reports:

Julie Fernandes, who served as the deputy assistant attorney general in the civil rights division of President Barack Obama’s Justice Department and then as a director of Voting Rights and Democracy at Soros’s Open Society Foundations, will now serve as the associate director of the institutional accountability and individual liberty at the Rockefeller Family Fund, a New York-based nonprofit founded by the Rockefeller family.

Fernandes claims she’s strengthening our “democracy” – the left will never call it a Republic. Her goal is to help in “protecting the right to vote, ensuring the drawing of fair electoral maps, and supporting independent journalism and courts.”

They are actually corrupting the vote, only attacking electoral maps in Republican regions, and they are supporting far-left journalism and courts while silencing and demonizing the right.


The leftist will work on “Voter Registration Modernization”. The Rockefeller Family Fund is “expanding participation in the nation’s democracy”, they say. They do it by “enacting legislation to provide automatic and permanent registration to all voters.”

There is no way to screen them for eligibility if it is automatic and PERMANENT.

Don’t let the ‘Republican’ name of the entity fool you. The goal is to take away the vote by letting anyone vote. Motor Voter, as it is called, is a Clinton invention. It allows illegals, teens, anyone to vote. In California, ineligible voters are automatically registered to vote. No one bothers to search to determine if they are eligible.

If illegals get caught, they could be in danger of deportation, but right now, it’s not a problem with our open borders.

The Beacon also reported:

Fernandes led a division for Soros that the billionaire viewed as a top priority. Internal documents showed Soros had set a personal goal of expanding the electorate by at least 10 million voters, the Washington Free Beacon found after DC Leaks released thousands of hacked documents in 2016 from his organization.

As part of this goal, Soros pushed millions of dollars behind a campaign attacking voter identification laws in a number of states.

No one is stopping Soros as he tries to destroy the Republic. Democrats are on board with his fascist tactics and some Republicans are as well. This man is funding races for sheriff, district attorney, Congress, large and small, supporting the furthest left candidates. The hard-left social engineer has funded groups promoting the registration of illegal aliens. He is out there funding groups demanding amnesty. This man supports lawless actions with hundreds of millions of dollars.


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