Soros Prosecutor Blames Police for Shooting Drug Dealer Who Tried to Shoot Them


St. Louis prosecutor Kim Gardner, anti-police and anti-law enforcement, has taken tens of thousands of dollars from George Soros, who has supported anti-law enforcement attorneys around the country.

She also indicted the Republican Governor in a political hit job and later dropped the charges. According to David Harris Jr., she additionally refused to charge anyone arrested by 28 cops.

She is now blaming police for shooting a drug dealer who attempted to pull a gun on him. Her contention is they shouldn’t have made contact with the gunman, 28-year-old Cortez Shepherd who police shot fatally before he could shoot any of them during a fight with the officers.

St. Louis Alderwoman Megan Ellyia Green claimed there never should have been an interaction since he didn’t have the required amount of marijuana. She said it was a waste of “police resources.”

The man is a drug dealer and what she said wasn’t true!

Gardner gave her full support to Green. “Exactly,” the circuit attorney tweeted.

The police say they stopped at a location where there is heavy drug trafficking when they saw what looked like drug activity. They went to investigate and saw that the suspect had a seven-year-old child in the car.

During the course of their interaction with Shepherd, police seized crack/cocaine, bars of Xanax, and marijuana, according to the POA.

The St. Louis Police Department also posted photos of the illegal contraband found at the scene.

Garnder and Green are liars.

When police tried to arrest Shepherd, he fought them. They tried to taser him to get him under control. When Shepherd started to pull a gun, officers were forced to shoot him.

Shepherd had four felony convictions and served nine years for one offense.

The St. Louis Police Officer’s Association (POA) released a scathing statement late Thursday night, blasting Gardner for helping to perpetuate anti-police rhetoric.

“In what has become an all too familiar refrain, the anti-police faction began spinning false narratives that a helpless weed possessor was murdered for no reason,” the POA said.

“Shockingly, however, the elected prosecutor Kim Gardner tweeted an ominous threat to police,” the POA noted. “She agreed with notorious cop hater Alderwoman Megan Green that the ‘interaction’ with the armed drug dealer dealing drugs in a car with a 7-year-old girl ‘never should have happened.’”

“What is stunning is that the assistant circuit attorney who prosecuted the cases against this suspect from 2009 to 2011 was none other than Assistant Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner,” the group pointed out, adding that she is “intimately familiar with the suspect’s career in crime.”

Police want Gardner and her entire office to recuse themselves from anything related to the case.

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4 years ago

THIS needs to be in the UNEMPLOYMENT & DISBARRED lines

4 years ago

you mean its illegal for cops to shoot back at people who are shooting at them?? and chicago thinks they have a true moron for a prosecutor in kim foxx. that moron gardner will give her a run for her money.

Dave Hunter
Dave Hunter
4 years ago

Whatever happened to her part in suborning perjury in the (former) governor’s case? Oh, wait, the feds dropped that because she’s a Democrat?

4 years ago

Citizens support the police, criminals support DA’s like Gardner and Greene. If she won’t support the police, she’d better watch her back, because millions of Americans will to get rid of the trash.