Soros Puppet David Brock Is Trying to Get Sean Hannity Fired


David Brock
David Brock

George Soros and his toady David Brock are trying to get Sean Hannity fired. They are using the Seth Rich story and everything Trump to get it done. Brock is the Democrat dirty tricks guy who declared war on Fox several years ago. He is also the man who has drawn up a manifesto to silence the right-wing.

Just when you think the Seth Rich story can’t get any crazier, it does. Fox News has retracted the Seth Rich story under pressure from the left and the Progressive legal team hired by Seth Rich’s parents.

The story war reignited recently by former D.C. detective Rod Wheeler who claimed a federal agent told him he saw Rich’s computer and other documents that tied Rich to Wikileaks. However, the day after he told this to Sean Hannity, he walked the story back.

Sean Hannity

Then in came a gamer-hacker named Kit DotCom who claims he was in touch with Seth Rich and can confirm that Rich is the leaker.

Hannity has told Kit Dotcom he would interview him.

The theory that Rich was tied to Wikileaks began to take flight after Julian Assange offered a $20,000 reward for Rich’s killer. That and the fact that the case was never solved has kept it in the news.

There are issues that need to be resolved and the secrecy around the case hasn’t helped. The parents want answers but don’t like the right-leaning politics intruding on the investigation.

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch is investigating and has put in the necessary FOIA requests. He will sue for the truth if necessary.

Sean Hannity believes Seth Rich is tied to Wikileaks and has made that clear on his show and on social media. He is not a news reporter, he’s a commentator and that allows him some latitude. It’s okay for the mainstream media does is speculate when it comes to Donald Trump and Russia conspiracy theories but not for Hannity.

Given the transformation at Fox and the firing of the main players at the network, Hannity was already concerned that he will be the next one fired. Fox has made no effort to protect its employees from the onslaught of accusations promoted by Media Matters’ David Brock and George Soros.

CNN has a far worse scandal involving racism and no one is even talking about it.

Media Matters is now galvanizing advertisers and their followers to trash Hannity as they did with O’Reilly.

As a result, Hannity has engaged in a Twitter storm which can’t be welcomed by Fox higher-ups as they watch their ratings slip to third place.

Media Matters, run by David Brock and funded in part by Soros, among other leftists, is running hit piece after hit piece to get Hannity fired. They used the Rich story in one of their articles to make him look like a conspiracy nut.

Late this afternoon, Media Matters ran an article about him allegedly contradicting himself on Saudi Arabia’s human rights. All of a sudden the left cares about human rights – Hillary took tens of millions from Saudi Arabia.

The blog then posted Hanity’s advertisers and asked their readers to call to oppose Hannity, including the following paragraph:

Sean Hannity is a professional propagandist for President Donald Trump, as well as a bigot, a sexist, and a conspiracy theorist. As host of Fox News’ Hannity, he has used his platform to advocate for authoritarian tactics toward the press, defend Trump’s obstruction of the investigation into collusion between the president’s associates and Russia, and attack judges who have ruled against Trump’s Muslim bans.

These would be people who wouldn’t even consider watching the show.

They are the same advertisers who bailed on O’Reilly.

Hannity’s tweets are asking for help.

The Soros-Brock partnership to destroy Trump and the voice of the right was spelled out in a leaked manifesto.

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Jeff Williams (@jawilli31)
Jeff Williams (@jawilli31)
6 years ago

@davidbrockdc You idiots go all in colluding w/ the US national news media to dissuade Trump voters, as the same electoral voted for Obama.
@davidbrockdc …I’d say you and George are better off wiping that $ with your @$$, David, the US is a different animal.

6 years ago

Are you going to talk about Soros puppet Jared Kushner?