Soros’s Sheriff in Arizona Releases 400 Criminal Illegal Aliens Every 10 Days


Sheriff Arpaio’s replacement in Maricopa County, Arizona, Paul Penzone, is releasing 400 criminal illegal immigrants every ten days.

Penzone was George Soros’s pick for sheriff. The socialist billionaire had been putting inordinately large sums into sheriff’s elections to get his idea of justice and open borders in place.

Most of the money funding Penzone’s campaign came from outside of Arizona.

Penzone’s campaign reportedly received millions of dollars in donations from New Yorker George Soros’ influential political action committee. The report from Politico went to say that the PAC Maricopa Strong had spent more money on this battle than any other.

Ditsy Penzone calls illegal aliens, including criminals, “guests” to give you an idea of how out of touch he is with reality.

Many of those released are violent offenders. Penzone has a policy to protect criminal aliens from deportation.

Judicial Watch reported:

Weekdays are the busiest, with an average of about 40 criminal illegal aliens getting released from Maricopa County Jail facilities, the sources said. On weekends the number drops to about ten each day. The illegal aliens have state criminal charges ranging from misdemeanors to felonies, driving under the influence and drug offenses. “There’s no telling how many criminals he’s (Sheriff Penzone) putting on the streets,” said a high-ranking federal law enforcement official stationed in Arizona.

Maricopa County has gone from having a wagon outside courthouses every 12 hours to pick up criminals to not getting any notification of their release.

…ICE issued a statement calling it an “immediate, dangerous change.” The agency’s Phoenix director for enforcement and removal operations, Enrique Lucero, was quoted in local media saying: “Immigration detainers have been a successful enforcement tool to prevent the release of dangerous criminals to our streets and mitigate the possibility of future crimes being committed against the residents of our communities.”

Judicial Watch has put in a FOIA request.

For his part, Soros wants to federalize our police so big government elites can control enforcement.

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