Soros’s ‘Soulless’ Fundraiser David Brock Appears to Be Falsifying Data to Hide Donors


David Brock, Democratic dirty tricks guy, funded by George Soros.
David Brock, Democratic dirty tricks guy, funded by George Soros.

David Brock, who is funded in part by George Soros, the head of the great hive mind, might be falsifying expenditures to hide donors to his hard-left and violent organization. He could be accepting foreign donations.

Where are all the investigative journalists working on this? There is one.

An independent investigative reporter Andrew Kerr, who is concerned about corruption in government, found almost definitive proof that David Brock, labeled “soulless” by his own benefactor Neera Tandem, has falsified documents to conceal the names of donors.

This report is the result of over 100 hours of research, and proves, with close to absolute certainty, that David Brock’s Super PAC, American Bridge 21st Century is abusing a cost-sharing agreement with American Bridge Foundation in an effort to hide the identity of its donors, all under the guise of expense reimbursements.

This means that American Bridge Super PAC, which aims to defeat Trump “either through impeachment or at the ballot box,” could possibly be funded in part by undisclosed foreign donations.

The data referenced in this report was pulled from the Foundation’s IRS Tax Returns and the Super PAC’s records submitted to the FEC. Everything referenced is raw, verifiable data pulled straight from official records. This is as good as it gets.

This is a big story, and deserves its time in the limelight. I could use all the help I can get in sharing this story.

This report is the second in a series aimed at unraveling the complex relationship between David Brock’s American Bridge 21st Century Foundation and its Super PAC.

So far, Mr. Kerr has produced two very detailed reports. The first report established the presence of a cost sharing agreement between American Bridge Super PAC and American Bridge Foundation, a 501(c)(4).

More than half of the Foundation’s expenditures were checks cut out to the Super PAC. The Foundation has NO employees. They’re overpaying the Super PAC for their employee time to probably hide donors.

This cost-sharing plan is likely being abused.

If this is accurate, the IRS and FEC will want to know about it.

The author didn’t have employee time sheets so he examined discrepancies between the Super PAC and the Foundation.

He’s hoping someone will audit them.

Unlike another Super PAC that also has a cost sharing arrangement and which receives random reimbursements, the Brock Super PAC is uniform and convenient. Randomness and variances are far more logical in an organization where people come and go and work varies according to the election cycle.

Another issue concerns the Schedule B of the Foundation’s  2015 end of year tax return. The Foundation raised more than $4 million from only 20 individual contributors. The Foundations sent 23 reimbursement checks to the Super PAC in 2015.

Almost half of the individual contributions to the Foundation are exact matches to the amounts being reimbursed to the Super PAC.

All but one of the contributions not listed above can be closely paired with reimbursements to the Super PAC.

The Author’s Conclusions

The Foundation is supposed to be reimbursing the Super PAC for its share of staff salary and office expenses and nothing more.

The fact that so many of the Foundation’s reimbursements are exact matches to the contributions it receives is alarming. One could argue that the Foundation is passing those contributions directly to the Super PAC under the guise of an expense reimbursement.

If that is the case, it would mean that the Foundation failed to disclose millions in donations to a political committee.

It would mean the Super PAC has failed to disclose millions in contributions received from the Foundation.

That would be a very big deal – both the IRS and the FEC are extremely strict in their reporting requirements for money being passed into a political committee.

The FEC and IRS need to conduct a full audit on American Bridge 21st Century if they are unable to answer these questions.

The Author Is Asking People to Get This Information Out

We need your help sharing this report and our previous report.

The more people that are aware of what’s going on between American Bridge Super PAC and its Foundation, the better chance we have of forcing an audit on David Brock’s organizations.

The author also has a story about the a money laundering scheme


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