SOS Pompeo SLAMS annoying Chris Wallace as he spreads fake news


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo pummeled left-wing commentator Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday today when Wallace complained about the President’s call with Vladimir Putin.

Wallace thinks the President should have grilled Putin about his interference in the 2016 election.

The President chose to discuss nuclear arms control and the violence in Venezuela instead. That’s perfectly understandable, but not to Wallace.

“Why doesn’t the president get tough with Putin about what everyone seems to agree is clear — meddling in 2016 and the threat of meddling in 2020?” Wallace asked seemingly unaware of how tough he has been.

“Chris,” Pompeo replied in exasperation, “this administration has been tougher on Russia than any of its predecessor administrations. I could go through the list but there’s no time in the show to talk about all of the things we’ve done — largest defense build-up, the list is long.”


Then came the first punch.

“And so for you to suggest that somehow we haven’t taken election interference seriously, we do. We continue to work on it. We continue to make sure that every election is as safe as it can possibly be … We take seriously the threat of election interference from every country, Russia included.”

“I guess what I’m asking — and I take your point because in terms of specific policies, the U.S.,” Wallace started to say when an annoyed Pompeo cut in.

“Chris, I don’t get your point,” he said. “I’m… I’m confused … I’m confused.”

“Well, let me make it,” Wallace said but was cut off once again.

“You’re looking at an administration that has been tougher on Russia than any of its predecessors, and yet you continue to be fixated on something that Robert Mueller wrote down. I … I … I struggle with that,” the secretary of state noted.

Wallace wanted to put out a false narrative and Pompeo knows it.

“I’m not fixated about Robert Mueller,” Wallace shot back. “I’m fixated on the president’s conversation with Vladimir Putin and the fact that in the conversation, he doesn’t even mention meddling in 2020. And the question I’m asking … is why not?” he asked.

“I talk to leaders all the time,” Pompeo replied. “We cover a broad range of subjects. Sometimes conversations just aren’t long enough to include every issue that might be brought up. I’ll let the White House talk to what the president actually said in the set of remarks.”

And then came the TKO.

“But no one should misunderstand from your question today. Your viewers should not be misled. This administration has taken seriously the threat of election interference and will continue to do.”

Wallace is a purveyor of fake news and Pompeo called him out for it.

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4 years ago

There is Pompeo, Barr and Kudlow calling it like it is. Balls is balls, strikes is strikes and they calls ’em as they sees ’em. The Trump team is now stepping up to the plate and is being noticed for the champions of the American people they are. All the destructive policies of the past administrations are being replaced with policies to benefit “We the People”, and the left is going wild trying to denigrate them.
Wallace is just one of many of the has-beens who is trying to derail the Trump team. The Trump team is showing the leftists up for who they really are, idiots and clowns. And that is being nice to a certain extent. In reality they are traitors to this nation and its citizens.
Tar and feathers would be the order of the day in another time.

Tim Shepperson
Tim Shepperson
4 years ago

Wallace is showing his true colors and probably having power lunches with Cavuto, Smith, and Baer. The two Murdock’s upstairs who have liberal wives are starting to change Fox.

Jack K
Jack K
4 years ago

Chris….what happened to you? Have you lost your mind?

4 years ago

This Crap really gets old. Talk about Election Meddling. How about OUR State Department, Nuland, and Senators going to Ukraine and OPENLY working to oust an elected President. And WE are suppose to be concerned about a minuscule amount of Facebook ads. It’s beginning to look like THIS country is Far More guilty of meddling in other country’s election that other players. Is the hysteria about Russia’s role to direct everyone’s attention away from what the Obama administration was doing.

I think what Wallace, and others have in mind is starting Another War, this time with Russia. They sure seem hell bent on having a hot war also. If they are able to make this happen then the ENTIRE world, including the US, will focus all their attention to that. It will distract from all the illegal activity that’s been going on. It can be swept under the rug and hidden for generations. But the President will have None of that. I’m sure they realize the President’s policies, and actions, will likely result in a better outcome than all the wranglings by previous administrations. The “administrative state”, created in the aftermath of WWII, and the establishment of the SES, has accomplished little in geopolitics and in many ways made matters worse. The failures can be laid to rest at places like the Kennedy School of Government and assorted think tanks who believe they alone have the answers to world affairs. Their failures have now been laid bare for all to see.

Jeanna Green
Jeanna Green
4 years ago

Sadly, I use to listen to Chris Wallace and take to heart what he would be saying. But since President Trump got ELECTED LEGALLY, I have seen him change. It now is clear to me that he bases his reports on his dislike for this President, like most who had us all fooled(Shepard Smith, Juan Williams, ETC.). I thought they put News above their Personal Political views, and have been shocked how they refuse to see good and only add their conspiracy or intentional deceit to harm the Presidents Support. I have seen with my own eyes and it saddens me that they ignore truth and even add their own lies to the ban of misfits. They accept corrupt actions from the guilty while trying their best to put enough of their own personal twist to make their actions as small as possible, while doing their best to over exaggerate things or comments President Trump might have or have not done. Wallace has proven to be part of the problem and nothing with true reporting. That died when the FAKE FAILED Obama was put into office against better judgement, and his lapdog mouth pieces showed their true colors. Just took a little longer for Wallace’s to come out.