SOTU: Obama Boasts of Fundamentally Transforming America


Obama SOTU Jan 20

The biggest news from the State of the Union, besides the lies about almost everything, is that he sees himself as triumphant and he is. He has fundamentally transformed the United States.

Barack Obama was legitimately satisfied with his successes last night. He has been successful in turning us into a welfare state which is fueled by redistribution.

In his mind, the path is probably irreversible.

People – at least close to half the nation – have accepted it and bought into it.

Mr. Obama will live in DC after the election and plans to do whatever he has to do to keep his agenda in place. He will rally blacks, socialists, crony socialists, women, LGBTs, unions in a community organizing effort countrywide.


Obama said he was eager to work with Republicans but before he got to that he said he’d veto the Iranian sanctions and he will veto any change to Dodd-Frank, Obamacare, and his unconstitutional changes to immigration law.

His socialist agenda for America must not be changed.


His Marxist agenda of freebies and redistribution: