Soulless Hillary Clinton Exploits Vegas Tragedy to Slam the NRA, Gun Ownership


Hillary Clinton is exploiting the tragedy committed by a ‘lone wolf’ terrorist or lunatic or both to call for some gun grabbing. As she made it political, she tweeted let’s “put politics aside”.

Gutting our 2nd Amendment is political, period.

We don’t even have a motive for the shooting yet. All we really know is he spent tens of thousands of dollars on gambling transactions in the last few weeks. He sounds a bit mad.

Getting back to soulless Hillary, even if she grabbed every known gun, the criminals and lunatics would still find guns or they’d use a van, or a bomb, or a plane or a knife. There are more deaths by hammer than guns. Will she confiscate those too?

The failed presidential candidate didn’t waste any time and started posting mid-morning. Does anyone believe she feels “grief” as she tweeted, when she is already politicizing the horrific event? She just got off a tear blaming Trump for Puerto Rico’s hurricane and here she is again blaming.

Hillary knows nothing about silencers or guns and shot off this next irrelevant tweet for her low-information followers.

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