Source of NBC’s Debunked Text Story Is An Elected Democratic Official


NBC News’ now-debunked text story failed to mention that the woman attempting to get text messages to the FBI is an elected Democrat official in Fairfield, Connecticut.

The woman has texts showing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh asking friends to help him refute Deborah Ramirez’s allegations that he sexually harassed her. These texts were shared before the information became public.

The NBC text story was a complete fabrication to begin with. The story was framed in such a way as to make Kavanaugh appear to be shady and a perjurer. Go here and here for more information.

Kerry Bercham

Kerry Berchem was at Yale University with both Kavanaugh and Ramirez, who alleged that the nominee exposed himself to her at a party. NBC reported that the text messages Berchem possessed showed Kavanaugh contradicting his claim under oath before the Senate Judiciary Committee that he only learned of Ramirez’s allegations when they were first reported in The New Yorker.

In fact, Kavanaugh did mention during the testimony that the story had been going around for weeks and he heard about it. His testimony:

In addition to fabricating a sinister deception, NBC didn’t mention Berchem was elected as a Fairfield Representative Town Meeting (RTM) in 2017 and represents the Fairfield area.

“We have a group of outspoken, smart women in our caucus who are supportive of the #MeToo movement,” another town representative, Heather Dean, told The Hour. “I’m very glad Rep. Berchem is reaching out to the FBI and I hope they respond and hear her version of events, as well as her impression of Kavanaugh’s character.”

The Daily Caller News Foundation uncovered this piece of information.

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