South Africa Faces Ethnic Cleansing While the West Screams ‘Conspiracy Theory’


The ruling party of Africa, ANC or African National Congress, claims that reports of torture, rape, and killing of white farmers is not true. There are videos by reporters like Lauren Southern that seem to show the reports are accurate.

The government of South Africa and Western leftists say white farmers are not being killed and certainly not because they are white.  It is, they say, a conspiracy theory. American leftists have come down hard on the side of the leftist government of South Africa.

What we do know from history is when Socialists and Communists take over, confiscation of guns, private property, and genocide are always natural outcomes.


First, we know the ANC is currently tightening up their gun laws and could confiscate 300,000 guns. Disarming the farmers before land confiscation is the tactic of tyrannical governments.

Secondly, the government is lying about who owns all the land. It is not true that 72 percent of the land is owned by white farmers as the ANC would have us believe. The media is justifying ethnic cleansing on the basis of falsified statistics. Most of the land is owned by the government, the tribes such as the Zulus, and other organizations.

Third, we also know the Constitution will be altered to allow for the confiscation of land from white farmers. Zulu land will remain untouched.

Lastly, the ANC appears to be planning something worse than what was first planned.

While the ANC government under President Cyril Ramaphosa has withdrawn a bill to buy farms for ten cents on the dollar, it appears it’s merely a delaying tactic until the Constitution is redrawn. The new Constitution will probably allow the confiscation of farmland from whites without compensation.

We also know that the EFF, or Economic Freedom Fighters, under Julius Malema is anxious to kill the Boer.

Malema has the third largest political party. It is a Communist Party.


In response to President Trump tweeting that he has asked his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to look into the situation, President Ramaphosa says Donald Trump must leave them alone.

“Donald Trump must leave us alone – when we were facing apartheid… when we were facing oppression he wasn’t there,” says Ramaphosa. “He must stick there in the White House – we will keep our South Africa and he can keep his United States”.

He seems to suggest that collective punishment and theft is okay because of apartheid.


Some of the boers have taken to Twitter.

Stephen Molyneaux has been given a podium to the white farmers.

Many of the black South Africans don’t want the confiscation or the genocide which will likely follow.This leader does not want to see South Africa go the route of Zimbabwe


Theresa May has been taking some heat for her appeasement policy, but here in America, our former president went to South Africa in early August to tell the South African President he is giving hope to his people.

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