South Africa Sliding Towards Communism, Thousands of Whites Massacred Over Last Decade


South Africa is no stranger to violence.

“In 2006 there were 55,000 reported rapes in South Africa but official estimates are that another 450,000 rapes were not reported. Therefore, about 1,300 women can be expected to be raped every day. A study by Interpol, the international police agency, revealed that South Africa has the most rapes in the world – a women being raped every 17 seconds and this does not include the number of child rape victims.” [Majority Rights]

Raping children is seen as a cure for HIV/AIDS.

The violence has increased, especially against whites and Indians, under the current president, Jacob Zuma, an avowed racist.

Last month, Genocide Watch chief Gregory Stanton declared that white South African farmers were facing a genocidal onslaught and that communist forces were taking over the nation, no one noticed.

South Africa’s black president publicly sings songs advocating the murder of whites.

Genocide Watch:…The African National Congress has been South Africa’s governing party since the Presidency of Nelson Mandela 17 years ago, following the end of white minority rule and apartheid. In the years under apartheid, hate speech was used by both supporters and opponents of the apartheid system to stir up their followers. When racial tensions in South Africa ran high, the song “Kill the Farmer, Shoot the Boer” was a revolutionary song of the anti-apartheid movement. However, it is an illustration of the long-term impact that such de-humanizing language can have.

After many years when such songs were no longer sung, in 2010, prominent members of the ANC Youth League, in particular, Julius Malema, President of the ANC Youth League, openly sang the “Shoot the Boer” song at ANC Youth League rallies. Not only did a revival of the song strike fear into the hearts of Boer farmers, but it has actually been sung during attacks on white farmers. It is an incitement to murder white Afrikaner farmers…

…President Jacob Zuma sang “Shoot the Boer” at the ANC Centenary Celebration event in January of 2012.  He claimed that its use at the ANC Centenary was not intended as hate speech, but rather to commemorate the struggle against apartheid.

Despite President Zuma’s proclaimed intent, his singing of the song may be contributing to an increasingly hostile environment that threatens the safety of white South Africans.  The number of murders of Boer farmers has increased each month in 2012.

During Hillary Clinton’s recent visit, she failed to mention it as she offered their government billions of our dollars and praised their government.

Only 10% of the country remains white and there are 40,000 white farmers, 3,000 white farmers have been murdered since 1994. A total of tens of thousands have been reported horrifically tortured and murdered. The white population has gone from 5.1 million to 4.2 million.

According to Genocide Watch, a recent outbreak of violent farm invasions has led to casualties among white South Africans. The farm invasions are direct results of calls by Julius Malema and his Deputy, Ronald Lamola for whites to give up their land without compensation, or face violence by angry black youths “flooding their farms.”

The oppressors are communists.

The Afrikaners do not matter to the Obama administration as the situation rapidly deteriorates.

White Africans once supported Apartheid and it is possible that it is not politically correct to recognize their genocide or do anything about it. Instead, the United States provides funds to their oppressors. You will not hear the truth from the U.S. media.

President Jacob Zuma sings “Kill the Boer” song at a celebration:

The former president of the ANC Youth League, Julius Malema, called for redistribution of wealth from the white population to the black population, which Malema claimed to be a “correction of the injustices of Apartheid.”

Poverty and unemployment among black youth remain, polarizing the camps more and leaving the whites to take all the blame in their eyes.

The polarization has always been there but under Malema, it became violent with his singing of “Kill the Boer (white farmers) songs at rallies of the Youth League. He continues to call for the expropriation of white-owned land. He was recently removed from his position, decreasing his power.

The genocide of whites, particularly white farmers has eased as a result, but the potential danger is increasing as whites and blacks become more polarized.

Communism and genocide are moving in on South Africa.

Read the story at Genocide Watch and at Lew Rockwell

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