South Carolina Killer Could Be a Left-Winger


The left wing immediately politicized the murder of 9 black worshippers at a prayer service in South Carolina. It suddenly wasn’t about the killer or the victims, it was about the weapon he chose to use and those awful right wingers, the South, white people, and Fox News.

The left online blogs, following Obama’s lead, jumped on this case to promote their gun agenda and stir anger in the black community. They are falsely claiming the right jumped on it first which is patently untrue.

The fact is that Obama was the first to come out and politicize this killing with Hillary a close second along with the left wing media.

The left wing is condemning all Conservatives, whites, Fox News and southerners, but what if the killer is a left winger?

The New York Times posted a story today about the murderer and said he “worked in landscaping and seemed to live an itinerant life, sometimes sleeping in his car. In recent weeks his behavior turned more bizarre, as he talked about wanting to burn an American flag and get his neck tattooed with the word ‘dagger.’”


I never met a Conservative who burned the U.S. flag. That’s a leftist thing. A friend of his, however, said he had strong conservative beliefs and was very proud of being from the south. He was a segregationist who wanted to start a civil war.

The leftists are generally the ones who want a race war. The New Black Panthers and The Nation of Islam, respectively, have called for a race war or told their followers to prepare for a race war. You get crickets from the media when they make their threats.

Stereotyping is useful to promote their agenda but it doesn’t reflect reality.

Roof appears to have used a stolen gun by his own admission, but the left seems to believe that keeping guns from legal gun owners will also keep mass killers from stealing them and from killing people. There is no gun law that would have prevented this killing but if one of the parishioners was armed, that person could have stopped the killing.

To eliminate the Second Amendment, the left knows they have to discredit or destroy the right wing who support it.

Take the Colorado theater shooter as an example. The left presented the case as one of a mentally deranged man.

Salon, in April of this year, described him as a psychotic and they went on a campaign condemning the mental health system. They didn’t mention his Progressive politics.

When it came to the South Carolina killing on the other hand, a Salon writer said all white people are guilty. Sarcastically and childishly, the writer asked the questions normally asked about black gang crime, such as:

Is something wrong with the white family?

Where are the white fathers in the white home?

When will white leadership step up and stop white right-wing domestic terrorism?

Is White American culture pathological? Why is White America so violent?

The writer said, “In the aftermath of recurring mass shooting events, and right-wing domestic terrorism, it is essential that [white Americans] start to practice such acts of introspection in the interest of the Common Good.”

It wasn’t just Salon, it was all online leftist outlets.

One city councilman who was a friend of one of the murdered pastors said the killer was watching too much Fox News with no basis in fact.

Dylann Roof truly was a racist and a terrorist, but the left wing, because they believe he was a right winger, wants you to believe he is also completely sane and they want you to believe he was a loyal southern Conservative guided by Fox News.

As it turns out, he’s not left or right, he’s a white supremacist and got the idea when George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin. He googled and came up with a conservative site that posts crimes of blacks and whites and decided his mission would be to save the world from inferior blacks. He had other biases according to the NY Times. He posted selfies with confederate flags on a website he owned. The photos show an emotionless person with dead eyes. Along with the photos was a long, rambling manifesto that would do the KKK proud.

While there is little said about the leftist mass murderers, they far outnumber any right wing maniacs.

The Columbine shooters’ parents were Progressive liberals; the Virginia Tech shooter was a registered Democrat who sent hate mail to George Bush; the Colorado theater killer was a registered Democrat who worked on the Obama campaign; the Connecticut school shooter was a registered Democrat who hated Christians. Ted “Ted” Kaczynski and Malik Hasan Nadal were Progressive liberals. The Hollywood killer was a Hollywood Progressive. Domestic terrorists of the past have been Democrats with Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn being the most notable.

Whether Roof is right or left is irrelevant. He’s a madman, perhaps a sociopath, and he is a racist who used drugs and who needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law in what is a truly horrific case. What we should care about are the victims.

Meanwhile, the wonderful people who were victimized by this monster are forgiving him left and right. They are the real black people, not these loons who take money from George Soros’ MORE so they can protest and riot. These are the God-fearing, kindly people who make up the majority of the black community.

Listen to this heartbroken daughter forgive her mother’s killer.

Hillary Clinton is running around trying to tie this into illegal immigration, race hustler Marc Lamont Hill is blaming it on white supremacy but they aren’t showing concern for these people and their families.

All that matters is the families of those innocent people.

victims of Dylann Roof