South Korea Reports 150,000 Chinese Troops Deployed to The Korean Border


Earlier Monday, news filtered out that China deployed 150,000 troops to the Korean border. This comes after the US Navy ordered the Carl Vinson Strike Group to maintain a physical presence near the Korean Peninsula and amid growing tensions between the United States and the Asian country.

The markets dropped on that news and news of further sanctions against Russia.

South Korea’s Chosun news agency reported that China has deployed about 150,000 troops to its border with Northern Korea preparing for some “unforeseen circumstances” as the US Navy’s Carl Vinson Strike Group is approaching the Korean Peninsula.

Only China denies it

Hua Chunying, spokeswoman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry said she was unaware of this:

Q: First, the rising likelihood of the six nuclear test by the DPRK coupled with the US dispatch of an aircraft carrier strike group to waters close to the ROK has made the situation on the Peninsula even more intense. What’s China’s comment? Second, it is reported that to prepare for potential emergencies in the DPRK, an additional 150,000 troops were deployed to China’s border with the DPRK. Can you confirm that?

A: About your first question, China has been closely following the developments of the situation on the Korean Peninsula. We believe that, given the current situation, all relevant parties should exercise restraint and avoid activities that may escalate the tension.

As for the second question, I am not aware of that. There were similar reports by the Yonhap News Agency in the past, which were proved groundless and false in the end. I’m wondering where you got this information.

China’s top nuclear envoy arrived in Seoul Monday for talks on the North Korean threat, Daily Mail reported, as the United States sent the naval strike group to the region and signalled it may act to shut down Pyongyang’s weapons program.

An imminent nuclear test is being discussed in North Korea to celebrate the 105th birthday of the founding leader of the hellhole.

Wu Dawei, China’s Special Representative for Korean Peninsula Affairs, met with his South Korean counterpart on Monday to discuss the nuclear issue. This was after President Trump hosted Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said if China won’t work with them, the U.S. is prepared to chart its own course. He added, however, that Beijing indicated a willingness to act on the issue. Tillerson said they will give him time to act and they assured Americans the U.S. has no intention of trying to make a regime change in North Korea.

US National Security Adviser HR McMaster on Sunday criticised North Korea as a rogue nation engaged in provocative behaviour and said denuclearization of the peninsula “must happen”.

“The president has asked them to be prepared to give us a full range of options to remove that threat,” he said on Fox News, apparently referring to Trump’s advisers.

A pre-emptive strike, however, would put South Korean civilians at risk.

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