Spain Obliterates Free Speech for Islam’s Sake in the Case of Imran Firasat



Imran Firasat and his family

Soeren Kern, a senior fell at Gatestone, posted a story at Islam Watch of filmmaker Imran Firasat who made a film meant to raise the awareness of the dangers of Islam to the West.

He is being deported because the Spanish courts said he poses “a danger to the security of Spain.” He will not be deported to a country that will execute him, they claim.

Imran, an ex-Muslim, is a political refugee who sought asylum in Spain in October 2006 because of death threats against him in both Pakistan and Indonesia for leaving the Islamic faith and marrying a non-Muslim.

His crime in Spain was to post his one hour amateur film on you tube – “The Innocent Prophet, The Life of Mohammed from a different point of view

In Spain you can be deported for using your free speech to expose radical Islam.

The trailer:

The film seeks to answer the question: “Was Mohammed an inspired prophet of God, or was he a madman driven by his own demons, thus producing a religion of violence and tyranny?”

He was inspired to make the film after Chris Stevens was killed and our filmmaker made his film which was falsely blamed for the attack on the mission.

Imran decided that if Islam can continue to kill,  we can continue to make films.

Immediately after his film was posted, his refugee status was reviewed by the highest levels in Spain.

Hillary Clinton’s actions over our filmmaker,  Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, weren’t that different.  His film was titled, The Innocence of Muslims, and when she falsely accused him of causing the attack in Benghazi, she essentially shut down free speech. He was throw in jail as she promised the father of Tyrone Woods he would be. Tyrone Woods was one of the Navy SEALs killed along with Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith and Glen Doherty.

Deporting Imran could mean death for him. When he fled, Indonesia tried to frame him for a brutal kidnapping and murder. The Spanish government saw the incongruities in the case when they examined the non-evidence. They asked Indonesia to present their evidence but they declined despite repeated requests.

Imran has been appealing the decision to deport him until the final decision against him was made last week.

In 2013, the National Court said this:

“The right to the freedom of expression can be subject to certain formalities, conditions, restrictions or sanctions, which constitute necessary measures, in a democratic society, to preserve national security, public security and the constitutional order.”

As you can see, Spain does not have free speech, they have the speech the government allows people to have. Democrats in this country just proposed a Constitutional amendment that would limit our free speech in much the same way. We must, as Americans, fight any attempts to change any of our Bill of Rights. If one protection falls, they all do.

Imran can appeal to the EU which is equally opposed to free speech but if Spain sends him to a country where his life is in danger. the EU might reverse that decision.

He was given refugee status because of his criticisms of Islam and has given thousands of interviews and wrote numerous newspaper articles and he doesn’t understand why they are doing this now.

There were indications he was going to burn a Koran and the government was afraid of repercussions.

Read the story on this link.

Islam has had a fundamental presence in the culture and history of Spain. The religion was present in modern Spanish soil from 709 until 1614 beginning with Arab rule and ending with the expulsion of the Moriscos of Al-Andalus. There is also a pronounced fear in Spain of any attacks since the 2004 Madrid train bombings. They pulled their military out of the coalition in Iraq .

Some called it cowardice, betrayal and surrender at the time.


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