Spanish Teacher Wants to Know How Much ‘Privilege’ Her 12-Year Old Students Have


privilege form

The ‘diversity’ and ‘white privilege’ concepts are leftist agenda  items but in one Florida middle school, the Spanish teacher thinks she needed to address it with the children.

The form was not approved by officials at Monroe Middle School in the Hillsborough County Schools but one has to wonder how many teachers are instruction their students on the racist term white privilege and exposing them to cisgenders and queers at an early age.

Children were asked to complete a form titled, “How much privilege do you have?”

The children are used to filling out forms on race and sex according to CBS News but this time they were also asked about gender, sexual orientation and religion.

“Her sexuality and all that has nothing to do with school,” one mother said.

Some sections included religion and gender where kids were asked to circle Cisgender, Transgender or GenderQueer.

The mother, Regina Stile said her daughter did not know what some of the terms meant. “She’s 12. some of these things should be taught at home,” Stile said.

An investigation was launched after several angry parents complained.

The students were not required to turn in the forms. The teacher said the goal was to teach them about diversity and inequality.

“To me that has nothing to do with Spanish,” Stile said. “You’re here to teach my daughter Spanish, not anything else.”
They even went into disabilities.

These PC, far-left concepts are being mainstreamed. | Charleston, SC | News, Weather, Sports



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