Boehner: They take it out on the president; they take it out on me


Kool-aid men

John Boehner is very understanding and realizes people are frustrated but then he says, they take it out on the president and they take it out on me.

We’re taking it out on the president?!? He’s violating our laws, has no foreign policy, and acts like a dictator. He’s taking it out on us.

John Boehner also said Thursday that he is the most anti-establishment Speaker ever. He is the eighth most conservative according to him, which, if true, is sad to be sure.

“During my years here when I voted, I had the eighth-most conservative voting record in the Congress, and it does pain me to be described as spineless or a squish,” Boehner told reporters. “But what pains me the most is when they describe me as the establishment.

“I’m the most anti-establishment Speaker we’ve ever had.”

While in the process of punishing two members of Congress who bucked him, he said this:

“Who was the guy who got rid of earmarks? Me. Who’s the guy who believes in regular order? Me,” Boehner continued. “Who believes in allowing more members to participate in the process from both sides of the aisle? Me.”

He certainly let the Democrats participate. In fact, Steny Hoyer and Barack Obama got his Cromnibus passed.

We’re all just frustrated, vengeful people taking it out on him and the president.

“The American people are very frustrated. They are frustrated in a struggling economy,” Boehner said. “This frustration that’s out there, they need to take it out on somebody. They take it out on the president; they take it out on me. It comes with the territory.”

Who should we take it out on? David Cameron? George Bush?

Barack Obama is fundamentally transforming us into a socialist nanny state, violating our laws, and demonizing Republicans but John Boehner thinks we are taking it out on the poor guy.

What’s happend to Boehner? He sounded a lot different before he began his endless reign. He is under the impression that it’s only Tea Party people who don’t want him as Speaker but polling by Pat Caddell shows 60% of Republicans want him out.

Hopefully, he will do things differently this term but this is a bad sign.