Speaker Johnson to Fund Ukraine & Israel with Democrat Votes


The latest war news is that Speaker Johnson will seek Democrat votes to fund the Ukraine war and Israel. Meanwhile, the United States is being invaded, and the representatives in Congress and the White House don’t care.

Unfortunately, Johnson is working with very little support on this issue, with Republicans jumping ship. He told Politico he will pass spending for Ukraine with Democrat votes, perhaps as two stand-alone votes.

He is also going to fund the spy vote as a stand-alone, with Democrat votes.

“The current plan is to run FISA as a standalone the week after Easter,” Johnson said during an interview at the GOP retreat at the Greenbrier resort in West Virginia. That timing would put a vote the week of April 8, when the House is slated to return from a two-week recess.

This is the Uniparty.

Conservative Treehouse said that sbout half of the party and Donald Trump did not attend the Greenbrier Sulphur Springs meet. That would be the Maga half who aren’t as interested in Wall Street globalism. Roll Call calls it chaos, but it’s actually a battle for a more working man party as opposed to a globalist one.

Johnson spoke optimistically at Sulphur Springs, but even Larry Kudlow dropped out. Reps. Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, House Homeland Security Chair Mark E. Green, Main Street Caucus co-chairs Dusty Johnson and Stephanie Bice, and Republican Governance Group Chair David Joyce did not attend.

A message was sent, but the Wall Street crowd won’t relinquish power easily.


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