‘Speaker of the House’ AOC invites Trump-hating Rapinoe to the House


Disrespectful and nasty Megan Rapinoe is the superstar athlete who co-captains the women’s soccer team now favored to win the World Cup. She told a reporter this week that if she is invited to the White House, she won’t “f***ing” go. Right after that, she talked about how she sees herself as a role model. NBC News thinks the kneeler is a true American hero.

Rapinoe said she doubted she would be invited. President Trump responded by inviting the team to the White House.

Megan Rapinoe disrespecting her country before the world.

It made big news among the hate Trump crowd which is about half the country.

Communistic Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the real Speaker of the House, invited Rapinoe to visit the House and Rapinoe accepted. Rapinoe is the one who kneels during the Pledge to demonstrate her hatred for the United States before the world.

Who is AOC to invite anyone to the House? The rumors that she is the real Speaker might be true!

Ocasio-Cortez posted her invitation Friday just hours after the team defeated host France to reach the World Cup semifinals. Rapinoe scored both goals in the 2-1 win.

“It may not be the White House, but we’d be happy to welcome @mPinoe & the entire #USWMNT for a tour of the House of Representatives anytime they’d like,” the New York congresswoman wrote on Twitter

Rapinoe accepted the invitation tweeting: “Consider it done @AOC” She included this cute little party icon, 🥳

Communist Ayanna Pressley will bring the red velvet cake, she said.

The exchange was a real hit with the haters, the real haters of the left.

We wish the team well, but it’s hard to get excited for haters.

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