Speaker Pelosi banned from speaking on the House floor for the day


Nancy Pelosi tried to move forward with a resolution condemning the President for allegedly making racist remarks in his Sunday Tweets.

A fight erupted on the House floor and Speaker Pelosi was banned from speaking on the House floor for the rest of the day. She called President Trump’s tweets racist on the House floor, according to The WASHINGTON EXAMINER.

The decision came after the California Democrat/Socialist gave an impassioned speech about tweets by Trump she called “racist.”

The chairman at the time, Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, reprimanded her for the “personality-based” attack before “abandoning the chair.”

“Speaker Pelosi just broke the rules of the House, and is no longer permitted to speak on the floor of the House for the rest of the day,” GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy tweeted.


A fight broke out after Speaker Pelosi falsely claimed the President’s recent Sunday tweets were racist.

Rep. Doug Collins asked that the remarks be taken down.

Nothing the President said was xenophobic, nativist, or racist in his Sunday tweets in which he suggested the progressive congresswomen go back to their native countries, fix them, and come back and tell us how it’s done.

In fact, Democrats are always promising to leave over Trump. He didn’t say anything more than that. He made a mistake saying progressive congresswomen should go back to their former countries when only one is a naturalized citizen. He should have said the country of their ancestors.

Meanwhile “The Squad” can make vile comments about Pelosi, Jews, Christians, America, and nothing happens to them — nothing.



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