Speaker Pelosi Begins Impeachment After President Blocked Hearsay


The only thing worse than hearing Nancy Pelosi misquoting scripture is listening to Nancy quote the Founding Fathers, given her disregard for the Constitution except when it’s convenient. Today, Speaker Pelosi’s quotes were meant to suggest President Trump is a dictator. This is while Democrats call for taking over our economy with a Green New Deal, are telling us what we can eat, and hope to control our corporations with Draconian regulations.

Today, Nancy Pelosi announced a formal impeachment inquiry, saying it was a violation of law to hold back the ‘whistleblower’s’ complaint from Congress.

The only problem with that is reports indicate the whistleblower does not meet the requirements of a whistleblower and only came by his information through hearsay. The whistleblower heard the information second-hand or third-hand.

She also complained that there was a breach of presidential responsibility on that phone call with the Ukraine President since he was asking a foreign power to intervene in an election. Her contention is he admitted asking Ukraine to intervene and betrayed our Constitution and his oath of office.

The President said he will release the transcript of the call unredacted tomorrow.

She doesn’t care about the Obama administration intervening in 2016. Pelosi has no concerns about Biden bribing the Ukraine government.

The Speaker also believes there was some quid pro quo since he held back the aid to Ukraine for two weeks.

A gossip is not a whistleblower and Pelosi might be setting Democrats up for failure.

In fact, she did not take a vote. It’s just more of what they’ve been doing. It’s nothing new. Pelosi doesn’t want to have her members come out for impeachment and perhaps lose their jobs in 2020 but she wants to pretend she’s impeaching. The Speaker is just keeping it alive. Ms. Pelosi basically said she doesn’t care what the President said, she’s moving ahead anyway.


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Frank S.
Frank S.
3 years ago

Why no vote? Cause they’d be waving good-bye to a lot of newbie Dems from districts President Trump won. She’s a bumbling, mumbling, old bureaucrat, desperately clinging to what little power she has left.

3 years ago

Nancy is just blowing more smoke up the Democrats a$$, the definition of a Impeachment Inquiry is …………….keep sniffing for something, if they were serious about Impeachment they would introduce a bill called articles of Impeachment, with proof Trump broke a law, two different things, for over two and a half years they kept saying “we got him now” they have nothing and they know it, its just more smoke and mirrors for their dumb a$$ followers!!!!

herbert r richmond
3 years ago

They are hardcore Marxist whose goal is to destroy our constitution by lawless means, they are the Dictators and Fascists.

jim delaney
3 years ago

Desperate party-first hacks. Their depravity and subversion know no bounds at all, the country, the constitution, the rule of law be damned!!! They will get their comeuppance soon enough. Naughty, spoiled, me-first adolescents can only be tolerated to a point. Then the strap comes out!