Speaker Pelosi praises #MeToo abuser & terrible role model, Rep Katie Hill


Katie Hill resigned Sunday amid a throupler #MeToo scandal and her admissions of rampant alcohol abuse. She even gave her last aide-lover a nice bonus. Her husband said he got jobs through her influence.

In damning texts obtained by RedState between Hill, her estranged husband Kenny Heslep, and staffers, all expressed concern about Hill’s excessive drinking.

Hill is the woman Nancy Pelosi praised for her “great contribution,” “bright vision for the future,” and “powerful commitment to her community.”

Nancy Pelosi praised her

Hill wanted to impeach Trump for his allegedly unprofessional conduct. She also went after Justice Kavanaugh with a vengeance over his alleged ”unprofessional conduct thirty-seven before when he was in college. Those allegations have been disproven for most of us.

In a statement Sunday, Nancy Pelosi, the do-nothing-but-impeach leader of the Democratic Party, praised Hill for her “powerful commitment to her community.”

Congresswoman Katie Hill came to Congress with a powerful commitment to her community and a bright vision for the future and has made a great contribution as a leader of the Freshman Class. She has acknowledged errors in judgment that made her continued service as a Member untenable. We must ensure a climate of integrity and dignity in the Congress, and in all workplaces.”

What contribution? Inquiring Americans would love to know.

When you’re a sleazy hussy having sex with young underlings while condemning others for that exact behavior, that’s not an error in judgment; it’s perverse behavior. Her morals are those of an alley cat, and she’s an embarrassment to all self-respecting women.

When she resigned, she didn’t take responsibility or offer much of an apology. She said, in general terms, that for the mistakes she has made, and the people who were hurt, she’s sorry. Hill also blamed her husband and the Republicans who gave her husband a platform, for the mess she created.

Ironically, Hill torched Justice Kavanaugh with no evidence whatsoever but when it came to her mistakes, she blamed others and took almost no responsibility. Katie Hill has learned nothing.

We hope she straightens out her life, but not as a political leader.

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