Speaker Ryan’s Legacy! He Betrayed the President


Speaker Ryan has never supported the President and said from the time of the Billy Bush tapes that he would not. He has been true to his word. Look at what we have found out about his prior knowledge of the fake dossier.

Never once did he try to address the legitimacy of the Russia-Trump ‘dossier’, so named to make it seem like intelligence instead of Hillary’s opposition research and propaganda.

Hillary’s campaign and her DNC created this dossier. It was then pushed to the media to damage or destroy the President. Also selling it at the time was his chief of staff Jim Burks and John McCain’s chief of staff, a Democrat, David Kramer.

Kramer is the one who fed it to BuzzFeed.

Paul Ryan’s Chief of Staff Jim Burks knew about the dossier from the beginning, but they DENIED IT. He knew before the President knew and never alerted him.

The information came out in a recent trial.

Paul Ryan is a liar and a traitor to the President. He knew all along. Ryan has not only betrayed the President, but he has also violated his oath of office and crushed or delayed the President’s agenda on some of the most important issues.



  1. Ryan has been the proverbial fox in the hen house. … Unprincipled, unethical, and treacherous; thank God he will soon be gone.

  2. paul ryan has never stopped being against President TRUMP

    because he’s not a real Republican

    and I really wish he was a US citizen

    he absolutely hates President TRUMP!!!

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