Spectators Watch As Hurricane Irma Moves In On Key West


Half of Key West is expected to be underwater by the time the hurricane passes through. At 7:00 pm, Irma was 105 miles SE of Key West.

The hurricane is spanning 300 miles and moving WNW at only 7 mph. It is expected to bring devastation to the state. Life threatening winds are expected in most areas of Florida. Nearly half of Florida residents are expected to lose power.

Out in the ocean, the waves are 30 feet high. This is the energy that causes storm surges. Tampa Bay is expecting 8 feet storm surges, Sarasota up to 10 feet and up to 15 feet in Fort Meyers.

This gentleman was riding around Key West on a bike with a life jacket taking photos.

This guy is getting out of dodge.

It is crazy in Key West as of 4:30 pm.

In Anguilla, four days after the hurricane.

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