Speed Cameras Ruled Unconstitutional, City Has to Pay Back Ticketed Drivers


A court ruling declared speed cameras or at least the process they engender is unconstitutional and the city that put them in must repay all tickets, according to Fox News. Speed light cameras are what you might see in a police state. They also take away due process. The court agreed.

The case was complicated and the decision was based on several court cases. The judge agreed with plaintiffs that it was unjust enrichment.

The cameras were put in by despots and a company made money from the practice.

Optotraffic, the private vendor that handled the paperwork, made more than a million dollars off 45,000 people over 15 months. The city wasted over $100,000 defending the cameras when citizens fought back with a class action lawsuit.

A group of three lawyers filed suit in 2013, arguing that New Miami’s automated ticketing ordinance gave vehicle owners no realistic opportunity to defend themselves against the demand for a payment of up to $180 that arrived in the mail.

The city must pay back $3,066,523.00 to people who were ticketed. Butler County Court of Common Pleas Judge Michael A. Oster Jr.’s made the ruling.

“If the government has created an unconstitutional law/ordinance that has taken people’s money without affording them the necessary due process protections, should not justice demand, and the law require, restitution of that money to the people?” Oster asked at the opening of his ruling. “Once the complexities of the law are analyzed, the answer is simple: Yes.”

Speed cameras have nothing to do with safety. It was to make money and it’s theft. They are the modern day highway robbers.

The Ohio Supreme Court chose to not intervene because it’s so obviously true that it’s unconstitutional.

The New Miami officials tried to claim sovereign immunity but the fact that they violated citizens’ constitutional rights, the court would not grant immunity.

This ruling set by the court sets precedent and is good news for Americans all across America.

As a sidenote, many of the cameras are giving tickets to people who turn on a red without stopping for three seconds. The law says you have to stop, not stop for three seconds.

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