Spicer Blasts MSM During Shocking Presser with Pompous Reporters


Sean Spicer blasted the MSM over their anonymous sources and fake news.

Just 6 percent of people say they have a lot of confidence in the media, putting them on a level with Congress. In fact cockroaches enjoy 9% popularity in polls. Traffic jams are also more popular.

The media isn’t doing themselves any good by abusing the press secretary day after day. There are big changes coming to the communications department. Hopefully, they do something about these free-for-alls.

Sean Spicer beat them back today and made look as small as they truly are.

Sean Spicer said towards the end that “[President Trump] is frustrated like I am and so many others to see stories come out that are patently false, to see narratives that are wrong, to see “fake news.” When you see stories get perpetrated that are absolutely false, that are not based in fact, that is troubling. And [President Trump] is rightly concerned.”

Jim Acosta who has it in for the President asked arrogantly, “Can you give me an example of fake news, Sean?”

Spicer was ready.

“Absolutely Jim. I’ll give you an example. Friday the president was having a great discussion at the G7 and someone from the BBC and then the New York times re-tweeted that the President was being rude by disrespecting the Italian Prime Minister. When in fact you all in every one of the meetings, you sit and watch the President with the one earpiece that has been used by other presidents.”

“And that’s the kind of thing that the BBC and then ultimately a reporter who’s joining the New York Times push out and perpetuate with no apology! You’re shaking your head Peter…It’s true. You did it…but that is fake…it’s just fake,” he said as Peter Baker began arguing over it.

Baker is a correspondent for Carlos Slim’s NY Times. He arrogantly dismissed this as fake news, said reporters make mistakes, adding it was simply one tweet.

Sean Spicer said …You asked for an example and I gave it.”

Acosta said that’s not significant, “you’re making something out of one tweet”. Spicer said, “I appreciate that. You get decide what’s important or not.”

“Can’t reporters make  mistake,” Baker asked.

That was no mistake. It was a lie.

Spicer let them have it and left.

The reporters were vile, especially at the end as Spicer left. You won’t believe it. They were yelling out comments, mocking Spicer.

They were repugnant and certainly never treated Barack Obama that way.

Listen to the exchange. Every presser is just as abusive as this and it goes on throughout the entire presser. You have to hear it, especially the very end, to believe it.

Trey Gowdy eviscerated fake news. The media has dropped all pretense of objectivity.

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