Spies in High Places? Al Qaeda Seemed to Know the Navy SEALS Were Coming


Navy SEAL Ryan Owens

According to a source speaking to ABC News, al-Qaeda fighters were prepared for American Navy SEALs who launched a raid in Yemen. They knew they were coming, suggesting a mole.

Al Qaeda was prepared for the Trump administration’s first raid, according to a source, who said it was clear that the AQAP fighters in the compound knew the Americans were coming and engaged them with heavy weapons.

A source told ABC that with armed drones above, the SEALs got to the compound where they were instantly met with heavy fire – and it was obvious that al Qaeda compound fighters had been expecting the Americans.

With armed drones flying overhead, the SEALs arrived at the compound under the cover of darkness and immediately took heavy fire, the source said.

ABC News reported that Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis said Monday there’d been female fighters who “ran to pre-established positions as though they had trained to be ready and trained to be combatants and engaged with us”.

This next statement is speculation, but there is reason to believe former president Barack Obama filled high-level positions with Muslim Brotherhood. Additionally, there were the three brothers working on IT on congressional computers who were recently fired for allegedly accessing congressional files that dealt with high-level security. We could have spies in high-levels. It’s possible.

Chief Special Warfare Operator William ‘Ryan’ Owens, a 36-year-old from Illinois, was killed in a firefight which left three other SEALs hurt, according to the news outlet.

An 8-year old child, daughter of terrorist Anwar al-Awalaki, was also allegedly killed.

The raid succeeded in obtaining “a tremendous amount” of information about al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Tuesday. It’s a more valuable trove than that obtained in the Osama bin Laden raid.

An estimated 14 al Qaeda members were killed.

An unnamed U.S. official told ABC News that electronics with data were seized in the raid and it is hoped that information from the action could prevent terrorist attacks targeting the West.

The al-Qaeda affiliate is gaining in power. They have been able to exploit the security vacuum created in Yemen by fighting between Iranian-backed Houthi militants and a Saudi-led military coalition seeking to restore the government overthrown by the Houthis.


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