Spike Lee Lies to Gold Star Family Concerned About Anthem ‘Protests’


The parents of Air Force Staff Sergeant Louis Michael Bonacasa who lost his life in service to the nation in Afghanistan in 2015 confronted very left-wing Hollywood movie director Spike Lee over his support of the NFL protests.

Vincent and Diana Bonacasa appeared on CNN this week as host Anderson Cooper spoke to Lee.

The Gold Star parents asked Lee:

“Last Sunday our community had a celebration for Gold Star parents,” Gold Star father Vincent Bonacasa said, “it was very humbling ceremony. But it brought us back to the day we lost our son. It was a very empty feeling.”

“We came home, turned on the TV,” he added, “and there was the NFL players on their knees, that was a slap in the face to us.”

“So my question was,” he continued, “how do you support these multi-millionaires on their knees and don’t support what the fallen heroes died for?”

Lee told them they weren’t telling the truth.

“Sir, I’m very sorry for your loss, but the narrative that you spoke about is not true,” Lee said.

“All these players have said, many many times,” Lee insisted, “that they respect the armed forces. They respect the flag. And they respect America. And this narrative that when they take a knee, it’s insulting your son who is no longer here, is not true. They’ve said that again, and again, and again.”

That’s the latest deception from the left, pretend it’s not about the country even though it’s the flag and the anthem they are disrespecting. Colin Kaepernick who started it all was very clear. He said it is about police brutality and an unjust United States. The left is trying to re-write history in real time.

Lee is the liar. These players obviously do not respect the country.

The players go out to the field, look at the U.S. flag, hear the anthem, and then they kneel to let the world know our country is unjust, unfair, evil, oppressive, and racist. They say our police are terrorists running around shooting down innocent black men and they are protesting it. They have said it repeatedly.

Look at the disgraceful performance of the Ravens and Jaguars in the UK. They knelt for the US anthem and stood for the anthem of the original slavers, the ones who introduced slavery into the colonies.

With the help of their Goebbels media, they are hoping to convince Americans what they see is not true.

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