SPOX Says Don’t Read Into John Kelly’s Facepalm During Trump’s UN Speech


Caveat: We don’t know if these shots were taken before President Trump was speaking or at what point in the speech they were taken.

Was Chief of Staff John Kelly demonstrating his lack of support for the President as he spoke before the UN on Tuesday? The retired general is said to be a Democrat who voted for Hillary Clinton.

Photos seem to suggest he was exasperated and it isn’t the first time he’s done this, it’s the third, but spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders said not so fast.

Sanders told “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday morning that Kelly, who she said has “a great chemistry” with Trump, was likely just tired from the demands of the job.

“The president has an abundance of energy, I don’t know where it comes from, all of us on the staff are tired trying to keep up with him,” Sanders said. “I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s part of it.”

“It doesn’t mean he’s upset by the speech?” host Brian Kilmeade asked.

Sanders replied that Kelly has been “part of the speech-writing process” and “very engaged.”

“So he read the speech ahead of time, so any reaction it might be because he’s tired, or he’s just got his hand on his forehead and the media wants to run with it,” host Ainsley Earhardt said.

“I would certainly not read anything into that picture anymore than probably, just like the rest of us, we’re tired trying to keep up with this president who’s working hard every day trying to help America,” Sanders said with a laugh.

Lou Dobbs has a different take.

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