Spree Killer in Cali with a Long Rap Sheet Was Released from Prison Early


Zachary Castenada who killed four and injured two others while wielding machete-like knives was released early from prison because of overcrowding. Cali won’t build new prisons because they think this is how to best deal with a large prison population.

The killer is a documented gang member with an extensive criminal history prior to Wednesday’s deadly rampage that spread from Garden Grove to Santa Ana.

Who could have guessed?

The police are looking for a motive but Castenada certainly didn’t need one. In fact, it would be surprising to find these are his only murders.

“He remained violent with us through the night,” Whitney said. “He never told us why he did this.”

“There was no indication this was a hate crime,” said Garden Grove Police Lt. Carl Whitney. “We just know this was a random act of violence and the guy unleashed evil across our two cities.”


Three of the dead were identified by authorities Thursday afternoon as Pascual Rioja Lorenzo, 39, and Helmuth Hauprich, 62, both of Garden Grove, and Robert Parker, 58, of Orange. The name of the other fatal victim has not been released.

Despite the deaths, Garden Grove Police Chief Tom DaRe credited the mass police presence, saying that it could have been worse.

“Had the suspect continued his rampage he could have injured or killed many other innocent people,” DaRe said.

The four dead are all men; two others were hospitalized –  a 54-year-old woman and 44-year-old man.

The man was rushed into surgery where they were desperately trying to reattach his nose.

The crimes started out as robberies but something triggered him and he started killing people.

Castenada was riding around in a silver Mercedes.


Court records show Castaneda has been charged with several felony and misdemeanor crimes in  past years, some in 2019, including felony counts for criminal street gang vandalism, possession of a controlled substance, carrying a dirk or dagger and buying or receiving a stolen vehicle.

Over the years he’s racked up busts for drugs, car thefts, and parole violations. He also has a domestic violence record that dates back to 2009.

According to jail records as recently as last month, Castaneda was arrested twice on suspicion of non-violent offenses – and released twice.

Why was this man every released, much less released early???

The answer is far-left Cali has a law to let them off easy. That’s what the leftists want for the entire nations.

“California law enforcement agencies have been crippled by AB109, and offenders are not being held accountable for their crimes,” he said. “Our community becomes vulnerable when these criminals are released back into our society.”

His sentence was cut in half for his good behavior. He had been convicted of fourteen serious charges and only got four years to begin with.

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