St. Louis Police Train With ‘Less Fatal Weapons” Using ‘Bozo Bullets’


It’s a new kind of device which encases the gun and slows the bullet so the bullet will knock the offender down, perhaps break ribs, but won’t kill the person.

non-lethal gun

One has to wonder if the criminals will give up their AKs and their machine guns to level the playing field?

One critic called it the “bozo bullet.”

The new gun will be introduced to the entire Ferguson police force.

This gun will be added to the non-lethal Taser, bean-bag-loaded shotguns, pepper-filled pellets, rubber-coated bullets, and stun grenades. It will serve as another option and it’s introduction to the department is well-intentioned.

Unfortunately, deciding whether to use the weapon takes time, time that could cost an officer his/her life. If the officer doesn’t use the non-lethal gun, does that start up another round or riots and lawsuits?

The difference between this device and the other non-lethal options is this one would be used when confronted with the threat of immediate deadly force.

“I am all about less lethal,” one critic said. “What bothers me is we will allow an officer to face immediate deadly jeopardy with a less-lethal round. Deadly force is the most likely thing to repel deadly force.”

There is always the danger of disarming law enforcement completely if the far-left has their way. Anything less for them is police brutality.

The Ferguson police force is the only one so far that is training with the new non-lethal gun.

The big question people are asking is would it have saved Michael Brown. Another question for me is would Michael Brown then have killed Officer Wilson? The Ferguson rioters would have preferred the latter.



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