St. Patrick, Catholics, Irish Are Getting Booted from the St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Dr Leahy
Dr. John Leahy

A small group of men are trying to take over the St. Patrick Day parade and they are hope to oust St. Patrick. The members of the parade committee led by Dr. John Leahy will no longer have to be Irish or Roman Catholic if the committee has its way and St. Patrick will be out altogether.

No one who has been involved in the parade and no affiliate will have a thing to say about any of this. Only a handful of people will get to make this decision. This is commie NY!

Dr. Leahy wants God and the Irish out of the Irish St. Patrick Day parade for some unknown reason.

The parade, formed in 1762, has been under fire from gay groups even though they do march in the parade now.

The petition to keep the parade for St. Patrick can be found on this link at


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