St. Pete Buttigieg Responds to Horror Story of 2,000 Unborn Babies’ Bodies


On the 14th of this month, we reported that a rabid abortionist, now dead, kept more than 2,000 babies’ (fetuses’) bodies in jars and such in his home. Since Mayor Pete Buttigieg, the son of a famous communist and a presidential candidate from South Bend, frequently virtue signals and tells Americans what is sinful and what is not, we anxiously awaited his response.

Four days later, we got one. St. Pete, who advocates for abortion to the moment of birth, responded. He said it was “extremely disturbing,” and “unacceptable,” and he hopes “it doesn’t become political,” depriving women of healthcare [abortions].

St. Pete supported the abortionist Ulrich Klopfer from his city. Ulrich performed abortions on children as young as 10 and 13 without reporting it.

Pro-left activist Lila Rose asked on Twitter, What’s more disturbing, @PeteButtigieg, the fact that this murderer hoarded the bodies of his helpless victims or the fact that he slaughtered these babies in the first place, with the full protection of the law in your city?

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