St. Pete Says Climate Change Is Environmental Racism & It’s Immoral


St. Pete says climate change is a moral issue and it’s racism since our disadvantaged people are suffering the most. It’s racism not to vote for this totalitarian who wants to control everything and everyone.

I know, right, those hurricanes head for the trailer parks. We need a dictator to take it all over.

The other candidates also tried to terrorize people into voting for them, and they want you to feel you’re a racist if you don’t let them take over the entire economy. If they could show us how the central government could solve our problems, maybe they would get more takers. But, in fact, the central government can’t. It will destroy us.

Holy Pete isn’t alone. Others claim it’s racist too.

St. Pete Buttigieg says climate change will be as bad as World War II or worse. He said that while joining in with the other nine candidates last night who were trying to terrify Americans into voting for them.

St. Pete says you are part of the problem if you use straws and eat meat but, optimistically, he said you can be part of the solution by voting for him

Don’t use straws or eat meat unless you’re St. Pete.



  1. Pete is a serious leftist schemer, as he was raised to be. He is planning for the long term to be president. He is associating with the rich and other elites, making lots of friends and getting major exposure. He presents the usual irrational slogans and attacks in a more organized way than do the other candidates.

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