Stacey Abrams, Fighting for Socialism, Is Looking at the VP Spot for 2020


Stacey Abrams, angry and Marxist

Stacey Abrams met Thursday with former Vice President Joe Biden in Washington to discuss her next political step. Abrams is a disaster in any position, but she sure isn’t going to be President in 2020. However, as a black woman, and a fairly young Marxist at that, she might be highly desirable as a Vice Presidential running mate. At least she is in the New Democrat Party of Socialists.

Biden is one of the leading candidates for president if he enters the race, if not the leading candidate. He comes off as moderate, but if elected, he will lead from the far-left and the Democrats know that.

While Abrams is weighing a bid for U.S. Senate or a rematch for governor, she has said she is not ruling out her own White House bid. It seems she is really running for VP.

She would be god-awful in any role. Abrams is a hard-left, hate-filled, fascistic individual who wants illegal aliens to vote.

One report said Biden and Abrams present sharply contrasting approaches and ideologies. But, that’s not really true. Biden will clone himself into whatever the party wants, and they want hard-left.

It’s the latest in a string of meetings between Abrams and White House contenders. She’s huddled with Sen. Cory Booker in Newark, Sen. Kamala Harris in Washington, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren in Atlanta. Before her Biden meeting on Thursday, she had breakfast with Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.

They are all socialists. And that’s alarming since the President’s poll numbers are reportedly down to 40 percent in the recent Gallup survey.

With all the literally insane socialist/communist proposals being thrown out by these Democrat candidates, one would think Trump’s economy would buy him another four years. But the hard-left has had decades to indoctrinate the youth. We are going to pay a heavy price for that.

Trevor Loudon, a commie hunter, uncovered a video tying Abrams to the Georgia socialists. The first Socialist voted into office in Georgia refers to her as deep blue and Socialist.

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