Stacey Abrams Goes to Hollywood to Convince Them to Fight Georgians


Stacey Abrams, the fake governor of Georgia who still hasn’t conceded, has been meeting with Hollywood producers, celebrities, the President of an extreme abortion rights group – NARAL, and others about the alleged future boycott of Georgia over Georgia’s soon-to-be Heartbeat law, ABC News. reports.

The purpose of her trip was to convince them to stay in Georgia — so they don’t sink their economy — allegedly. Abrams asked them to stay and fight Georgians within the state. She wants them to join and support abortion groups in Georgia — the Hollywood of the South.

Does anyone believe for one second that Abrams gives a hoot about Georgia or its economy? Does anyone think that Hollywood will actually give up their tax breaks and the nice mini-Hollywood they have established in the state?

What I can’t get over is her telling Hollywood denizens to come to Georgia to fight for Hollywood values.

Boycotts are wholly unAmerican, but it is a favorite tactic of the fascist left. Bringing in outsiders with money to force change against the will of the people is another favorite approach. Just look at what Soros is doing buying DA and sheriff elections to change the criminal justice system into some lawless behemoth.

Stacey would love to turn Georgia into her leftist mecca and she just might succeed.

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