Stacey Abrams Is Okay with Illegals & Minors Voting


In a new interview on PBS, former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams (D.) who wants to run for senator, said she’s open to non-citizens and minors voting in municipal elections. Democrats no longer distinguish between legal and illegal immigrants.

This is the Democratic Party today. She has no respect for the vote or any understanding of what America is about.

Margaret Hoover, the host of PBS’s “Firing Line,” asked Abrams about progressive cities such as San Francisco where non-citizens can vote in local elections.

Abrams said “there’s a big difference between municipal and state and federal” elections, and the larger democratic norms in the U.S. aren’t damaged by non-citizens voting on local matters.

“I’m not arguing for it or against it, but I will say having been deputy city attorney, the granularity of what cities decide is so specific as to, I think, allow people to be participants in the process without it somehow undermining our larger democratic ethic that says that you should be a citizen to be a part of the conversation,” Abrams said.

She’s a popular, up-and-coming star of the Democratic Party, and wants to run for senator.

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