Stacey Abrams Very Confident Over Lawsuits Filed in Her Sister’s Court


Democrat Stacey Abrams is very confident a federal judge will rule largely in her favor regarding the federal lawsuit from her campaign filed over the weekend in hopes of forcing a runoff election in Georgia’s unsettled governor’s race.

Communist Democrat Stacey Abrams has filed several lawsuits to overturn the law in order to count late-appearing ballots.

She is so confidant the liberal judge will find in her favor that it’s almost as if she knows for certain. She calls her requests to overturn laws — ‘relief‘.

The Democrats filed suit in the court where Abrams sister is a judge. Abrams’ sister, Leslie Abrams, happens to be an Obama-appointed District Court Judge on that same circuit, the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Georgia.

One of the bogus lawsuits involves claims against Georgia’s Dougherty County after residents reported never receiving absentee ballots or receiving them too late to be able to return them on time. In other words, the campaign is trying to claim voter suppression.

If this is allowed, we truly are a Banana Republic. People can easily call and ask where their absentee ballots are. This is ridiculous.

If the judge rules in favor of Abrams, the suit would prevent officials from certifying county vote totals until Wednesday and could restore at least 1,095 votes that weren’t counted as it would require officials to tally any votes that were wrongly rejected. The campaign said thousands of more ballots could be affected.

Kemp had 50.3 percent of the vote as of late Tuesday evening. He is leading by roughly 59,000 votes.

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