Staff Leakers Say McMaster Recommends Not Using Term “Radical Islamic Terrorism” Tonight


Every day, there is another leak(s). It’s hard to know what this latest leak involving Lt. General McMaster is supposed to do, if anything, besides undermine Trump’s presidency.

Politico and the NY Times reported Tuesday that the National Security Advisor-designée Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster urged the National Security Council to stop using the term “radical Islamic terrorism”, a senior White House aide told the newspapers.  McMaster’s staff strongly encouraged the President and his speechwriter Stephen Miller to do the same.

In remarks to the National Security Council last week, McMaster told his new staff he considered the term “radical Islamic terrorism” unhelpful, and “even a small change like referring to ‘radical Islamist terrorism’ would be an improvement, in his view.” according to a second White House aide.

While serving in Iraq, McMaster was successful at counterinsurgency by promoting respect for local culture among his troops. It’s not surprising he would make that recommendation.

As with the prior two administrations, he thinks not using the word “Islamic” will encourage Muslims to see the war on terror as their war.

Why using PC language would have consequences different from putting the word “radical” in front of “Islamic terrorism” is hard to say.

McMaster does believe in acknowledging the problem is within Islam however, according to Politico. He viewed Obama’s use of the phrase “violent extremism” with “great disdain”. That information came from an unnamed official who spoke with Politico.

If the President gives in on this, it would send a bad signal to his supporters as to how easily he will cave on political correctness, Politico reported.

At one point in the article, Politico writes, “What the president decides to say from the House floor will be an early indication of McMaster’s clout within the administration.”

Based on that quote, the leak appears intended to create embarrassment or division in the Trump team. It undermines the President and his relationship with his team.

If the President doesn’t follow McMaster’s advice, it embarrasses McMaster.

Did McMaster’s staff leak it? The element of mistrust this engenders is key to the media obliteration of this presidency. Perhaps they want Trump to start blasting his staff, forcing more to follow General Flynn out the door.

Is it a set up? Should McMaster be called before Congress to continue as an active duty general, it could be a basis for divisive questioning.

The reason for the leak depends a great deal on who leaked it. If it was White House aides, are they trying to force a viewpoint?

Reporters have told Sean Spicer that White House personnel are behind the leaks and are transferring the information to the news media via apps. As a result, Sean Spicer read the riot act to the White House staff and collected cell phones. Spicer’s own staff leaked that. The State Department sent a memo to its staff warning them of the dangers of leaking and even that was leaked.

Leaks are also coming from intelligence agencies.

These are the same people who stood silent while Barack Obama drove the nation towards socialism and globalism.

A key to some of this might be found in a NY Magazine article: “…a New York Times report out on Saturday makes the point that Trump used to be the leaker-in-chief when it came to publicizing himself to New York tabloids back when he was just a fame-craving real-estate mogul and not the president…”

Obviously, he wasn’t president at the time, if these stories are even true, but this could simply be another opportunity to make the President look bad and get his goat or ruin tonight’s speech.

The overall message is that a lot of people are involved and nothing the administration says or does will be kept secret.

Always lurking the background are John McCain and his compatriot Lindsey Graham. McCain was involved in the “dossier” leak and Graham announced Tuesday that Trump’s budget is “dead on arrival”. These two will destroy Trump if they can. They do not want his agenda to succeed.

They have plenty of help and they are all treasonous. Donald Trump is the lawfully elected President and trying to topple him is nothing less than a coup.

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