Star of David Atop Tehran Airport for Thirty Years



Google Earth revealed a Star of David atop the roof of the Tehran airport! Funnier still is that no one in Iran noticed it for 30 years.

Israel and Iran broke ties more than 30 years ago but Al Arabiya reported that the Iran Air building was built by Israeli engineers before the Islamic Revolution in 1979. As it turns out, a Google Earth satellite image revealed a star of David emblazened atop the roof of the Tehran airport.

Al arabiya reported that Iranians are infuriated, calling it a Zionist symbol, and have ordered it’s immediate removal.

The square itself had hundreds of Stars of David, in what local media viewed as a symbol of evil trying to destroy the heart of the Islamic republic. No one seems to know why it was done.

They can build a nuclear weapon but they don’t check their roofs apparently.


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